Simpsons Club

Simpsons Club - Slider

There are a lot of us here at Nitehawk that really, really like The Simpsons and we know we aren’t alone. So, every Monday night at 10pm, Nitehawk’s Cafe becomes an impromptu Simpsons clubhouse.

We will be free screenings of three episodes, along with all 48 Tracey Ullman shorts, original air date commercials and whatever other bits of nerdery we can dig up to give this beloved pop culture institution a renewed sense of history and context.

If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail.

No homers.


Hey folks! We’re taking the summer off to concentrate on eating, sleeping and other slothful activities. Simpsons Club will return to its regular Monday night time slot in Lo-Res in September. Follow Nitehawk Cinema on Twitter and Facebook for updates.