• Rating: R
  • Run Time: 97 / 150 mins event minutes
  • Director: Gary Sherman
  • Starring: Season Hubley, Gary Swanson, Wings Hauser, Pepe Serna
  • Format: 35mm
  • Year: 1982
  • Language: English
  • Age Policy: 18 and Up

Sleaze it up this September with THE DEUCE hits its new digs at Nitehawk Cinema – with VICE SQUAD and the hallowed Harris Theater! Star GARY SWANSON in person!

The VICE SQUAD screening be welcomed by Jeff Cashvan and will feature a theater history lecture by Archivist & Historian, Andrew McCarthy, a raffle, and an after-party with a DJ Bones in the downstairs bar (complimentary beer special for ticket holders)!

Hot off the heels of his weird and wonderful horror hit – Dead & Buried – director Gary Sherman turns his lens on the lasciviousness of the L.A. underbelly in VICE SQUAD! Druggies and degenerates! Freaks, floozies and Fredrick’s of Hollywood! Pimps, prosties and perverts! Runaways and way-out wackos! VICE SQUAD visits the mean streets with an engaging mix of Exploitation and Social Realism – getting the details of the detritus straight from those whose world it reveals. Trolling through the “neon slime” of Los Angeles, Wings Hauser IS Ramrod!! A pimp with an anger problem – “psychopath” is putting it mildly… Season Hubley’s sensitive soon-to-quit prostitute, Princess, navigates the sex gutters of Hollyweird to help desperate Detective Gary Swanson put an end to Ramrod’s mean streak –  and to settle a score of her own… Sherman serves up a smorgasbord of the sleazy – as well as a somewhat loving look at L.A.’s lonesome losers, boozers, users, and midnight cruisers… A well crafted feast of a stew of sex, serious drama, and social morality – full of fine acting and fast, furious action – the demanding denizens of the Deuce got their money’s worth and more when this hit the screen of the Harris – VICE SQUAD… it’ll shatter your senses!

Part of THE DEUCE series at Nitehawk.