artseen-ssNitehawk’s Art Seen is a unique monthly art-focused program that looks at art and film in cinema. Art Seen presents artist documentaries, feature films about artists, and artist films (features and shorts), in the cinematic space as a way to explore the ever-growing and evolving relationship between visual art and film.

In partnership with frieze.
Image: DUST (Adam Dugas & Casey Spooner, 2013)

  • DUST

    • Rating: NR
    • Length: 71 minutes
    • Director: Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner
    • Year: 2013
    • Language: English
    • Age Policy: 18 and Up
    ART SEEN presents a special screening of DUST with filmmakers Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner in attendance! A New American Film by Adam Dugas and Casey Spooner, DUST is t... Read More

    • Rating: NR
    • Length: 105 minutes
    • Director: Leslie Buchbinder
    • Year: 2014
    • Language: English
    • Age Policy: 18 and Up
    Art Seen presents three screenings of the new documentary, Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists. ... Read More