bitethis-ssNitehawk will see you when the sun goes down all August with our cinematic vampire series, BITE THIS!

With appearances on film now spanning over a century, the vampire is the most fictionalized character in the history of cinema. This month, as the weather gets hotter, we warn you to keep your windows closed at night because we’re unspooling five very different modern interpretations of the movie vampire. An introspective, perhaps delusional, self diagnosed vampire struggling with his thirst in George Romero’s masterpiece Martin. Neon 90s, green blood bleeding, Mexican comic book monsters await you in the Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration From Dusk Till Dawn. Quite possibly the most badass bloodsuckers ever to walk the night are coming to get you in Kathryn Bigelow’s hugely influential Near Dark. Come spend your eternity in the sexy, stylized shadows in Tony Scott’s vampire-chic The Hunger. It’s nearly impossible to re-make a classic iconic film and make it your own while staying true to the spirit of the original, but Werner Herzog did just that with Klaus Kinski in his cold and atmospheric Nosferatu The Vampyre

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