becauseimevil-lrgReality shifts to evil in our BECAUSE I’M EVIL midnite series.

Some people, places and situations are precisely how they seem with no deeper meaning or insight to discover. No apologies. Here it is. React and deal with it. But when the fabric of reality shifts without warning, understanding the world around you becomes easier said than done, a motif we’ll be exploring in our 2017 Midnite program Because I’m Evil!

The manifestation and effects of demonic possession get stretched and twisted in a rare 35mm screening of Sidney J. Furie’s The Entity. The origins, source and effects of evil seeps to the surface with the outcome of World War II hanging in the balance in Michael Mann’s The Keep (35mm). The lines between waking life and the unconscious mind become blurred in the action-horror hybrid Dreamscape. Then, dreams turn to a nightmare reality and the lines between good and evil are flipped in Clive Barker’s otherworldly Nightbreed.

This series doesn't have any movies associated with it.