nightonearthJim Jarmusch films at the witching hour.

“The most arresting filmmaker to surface in the American cinema.” – New York Times

Celebrating the release of Jim Jarmusch’s exquisitely poetic Paterson, Nitehawk presents Jarmusch at Midnite, offering a fresh perspective on the typical midnight fare by highlighting four favorites that represent his unique vision in American independent cinema. The series begins with a visit to a seedy motel in Memphis, Tennessee in the perpetually cool Mystery Train (35mm) and continues with a life-long love affair in his recent Only Lovers Left Alive. Next is Forest Whitaker’s brilliant portrayal of a samurai-influenced mafia hit man in Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (35mm) while the series concludes by spending an all-nighter in a taxi cab with American and European strangers in Night on Earth.

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