1964-1984. Perhaps the most chaotic and constantly evolving twenty years in the history of popular music. From suits and scooters, eyeliner and gender bending, to shaved heads and stripped down, primal aggression the look was always a reflection of the sound. Here we offer two fictional stories where the music and culture are completely intertwined book-ending the densest and most thorough time capsule concert film ever assembled. Jump on your scooter and motor down to Brighton with the pill popping dandies in Quadrophenia, then look and listen to the all the way live power of a who’s who of the late 70s-very early 80s new wave of music in the seldom seen Urgh! A Music War, finally slam dance into the back alleys and indigenous weirdness of 80s LA as we creep along with Otto and Bud in Repo Man. It’s vital music with a side of angst and insanity keeping your fires burning all night so come early and stay up late!

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