deuce-imageA monthly film series excavating the fact and fantasy of old 42nd Street, where dead movies are alive.

In the heyday, there were over a dozen theaters on West 42nd between 7th and 8th Ave. Where Abbott & Costello premiered “Who’s On First?” and John Barrymore played Hamlet 101 nights in a row. Crooners and cannonball jugglers, acrobats on roller-skates, old grey whistle-testers, good-time charlies and doers of the bumsti-bumsti act. They started out in sawdust and floundered in velvet… 

But by the 1950s and 60s, folks came to 42nd Street to go to the movies. The footlights gave way to the big screen and they started callingthe old marquee alley, “The
Deuce.” However your kicks sought flicks, you kicked back for a flick on the Deuce… ten-gallon six-shooter horse pictures, crime city pulp jerk, art-sewer roughies, fleshpot spy grinders, sword-and-sandal rejects, biker trash, action race operas, star-studded melodrama, or eurosleaze…

Come out for the dirty boulevard once-a-month to mooch the myth and hustle the history…A movie palace in slideshow & monologue, and a movie in 35mm… 

All DEUCE screenings are 35mm presentations.
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Deuce Jockeys: Jeff, Joe, Andy, Max, Andrew

Each screening features a  NY Distilling Company Cocktail Special.



    • Rating: R
    • Length: 88 minutes
    • Director: Tommy Chong
    • Year: 1981
    • Language: English
    THE DEUCE goes up in smoke on 4/20 with ice cream vendors Cheech and Chong peddling their NICE DREAMS. The film is the duo's third feature and one of 1981's biggest su... Read More